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Not all companies are the same and programs vary from company to company.

J.E.T. Lawn Care applies fertilizer & weed control during the same treatment saving you money with fewer visits over a season. Not all companies use high quality time release, dry granular fertilizer or the superior weed control products like J.E.T. Lawn Care does.

All applications consist of: Golf course quality, time release, dry granular fertilizer and we use herbicide that controls more than 240 broadleaf weeds.

01. Services

Fertilization & Weed Control

We offer four different types of fertilization and weed control programs to meet your specific needs

  1. 3 STEP – Basic (Two Spring Treatments & One Fall Treatment)
  2. 4 STEP – Good (Two Spring & Two Fall Treatments)
  3. 5 STEP – Better (Two Spring Treatments, Subsurface Insect Control Treatment & Two Fall Treatments)
  4. 5 + ONE STEP – Best [a prepay program] (The 5 Step program with the benefit of a discounted Fall Core Aeration.) 
02. Services

Core Aeration

Spring and (or) Fall

Why Aerate?

  1. Benefits all species of grass
  2. Helps with soil compaction
  3. Breaks down thatch build up
  4. Increases air & water movement in the soil
  5. Improves effectiveness of fertilizer, fungicide & pesticides when applied
  6. Builds better root systems to withstand drought
03. Services

Fall Aeration & Overseed

  1. Double/Triple Core Aeration
  2. Seed Casted over the entire area by a spreader
  3. Started Fertilizer applied
  4. Area is Dragged or Raked to break up cores and cultivate.

Some companies throw seed by hand and call it seeding. It is seeding, but J.E.T. Lawn Care prides itself on giving you a successful start to thickening your lawn for seasons to come.

04. Services

Nutsedge Treatments

Nutsedge is difficult to control. It thrives in moist areas where grass is thin. At times it takes several seasons to control.

J.E.T. Lawn Care’s Nutsedge treatment is a two step process.

  1. Topical Herbicide for Nutsedge
  2. Follow up treatment two weeks late
05. Services

Fungus & Disease Treatments

There are two kinds of fungus & lawn disease control treatments.

  1. Preventative Treatment, before you have it.
  2. A treatment to manage the fungus after the fact.